Cindy Mohanlall

Cindy is a mother of three children who had a steady but unsatisfying career in the medical field. At the advice of a friend, she explored the Carpenters union’s apprenticeship program in Albany. She found it appealed to her active personality and how she enjoys working with different people. Since becoming an apprentice, she’s quickly developed her skills in concrete work, learning both on the job and at the apprenticeship school (without tuition payments). She loves the problem solving required in building and the great benefits that cover her and her family.

Being in the Carpenters union is like being part of a unique family. The help we give each other and the training I’ve had is very rewarding. I’m excited to be able build new infrastructure and I love supporting the community by volunteering with other union members. It’s not as formal a work environment as I had working in a hospital and I had zero experience. I didn’t even know how to read a tape measure. But the adjustment was quick. If you’re willing to work hard, hustle and come in with a positive attitude, it’s a great trade. It’s been a great fit for me.

Apprentice carpenter, member since 2018



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