Umass Amherst

Isenberg School of Management, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 193,859 work hours
Women: 6.9% work hours
People of Color: 17.6% work hours
The 70,000 gsf addition will wrap around the north and northeast ends of the ISOM and be organized on either side of a multi-story atrium to be used for large, all-University gatherings and special functions such as business symposia. The new “Business Innovation Hub” will accommodate faculty growth, career center recruiting, team-based learning and advising. The project will expand the existing facility to include colloquium space, a simulated trading floor, and limited renovation of existing spaces.

Research Laboratory Renovation, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 52,112 work hours
Women: 8.9% work hours
People of Color: 18.8% work hours
The project is a $16.6 million renovation of biology research labs. It is part of a $156.6 million Science Center expansion that started in October 2010.

Chiller Plant Upgrades, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 69,258 work hours
Women: 7.1% work hours
People of Color: 18.4% work hours
This 1-1/2 year project replaced the existing Polymer chiller plant, located on the west side of E-Lab II, with a new North chiller plant that is capable of roughly triple the capacity of its current chilled water service. In addition, the building was designed and located in such a way to acknowledge the vision of the Campus Master Plan (issued in 2012) and the Engineering “quadrant” it resides in. The North Plant will provide a “visual learning” element to the Engineering quad community, with perimeter glazing at ground level, showcasing a fully operational chiller plant facility.

Chapel Renovation, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 61,595 work hours
Women: 6% work hours
People of Color: 17.6% work hours
The renovation created a new entry pavilion on the south elevation. This leaves both the pre-existing entries on the east and west side of the building intact for building egress. A new entry terrace surrounds the entry pavilion identifying the new entry and creating exterior program space. A combination of ramps and sloped walkways gradually rise to meet the existing building floor elevation.

South College Academic Facility, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 284,060 work hours
Women: 3.2% work hours
People of Color: 15.3% work hours
The project included a renovation of the existing 30,000 gross square footage South College building along with a 67,000 gross square footage addition. The renovation used selective demolition and was mostly a gut rehabilitation; the addition is supported entirely on its own foundation system.

Design Building, UMass Amherst

Project completed: 177,469 work hours
Women: 4.15% work hours
People of Color: 19.32% work hours
The four-story, 87,200GSF Design Building (DB) is located on the southern portion of parking Lot 62 immediately to the north of Studio Arts Building. It houses three academic programs from three separate colleges in a single facility: Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Department of Architecture from the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, and the Building Construction Technology program from the College of Natural Sciences. The total project cost was $52 million.