Worker Profiles

Cindy Mohanlall

Apprentice carpenter, member since 2018
Cindy is a mother of three children who had a steady but unsatisfying career in the medical field. At the advice of a friend, she explored the Carpenters union’s apprenticeship program in Albany.

Tyeka Robinson

Tyeka grew up in the foster care system, shuffling between homes and group care in MA and NY. She aged out of the foster care system at seventeen and in her words, she was in and out of trouble and dead-end jobs for a couple of years after that. She is a single mom. She became an apprentice carpenter six years ago, and credits the Carpenters Union for turning her…

Theresa Copeland

3rd year apprentice Carpenter

Theresa lives in Northampton and is a graduate of UMass Amherst, with a degree in Sustainable Food and Plant & Soil Science. She worked for four years in farming and was a greenhouse manager in the region.

Katurah Holness

2nd year apprentice Carpenter

Prior to becoming an apprentice carpenter, Katurah was driving for Uber and homeless. She was couch surfing, living with different friends and family, and trying to pay as many of her bills as she could afford.

Dave Montanez

24-year journey-level Carpenter, union Steward, union executive board member

Dave is Puerto Rican but born and raised in Springfield. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and unlike a lot of his friends who ended up in gangs and in trouble, he was fortunate to connect with a teacher who got him involved with the Carpenters Union.

Marilyn Rosa

3rd year apprentice Carpenter

Marilyn is married and has a blended family of four kids. She describes herself as American Puerto Rican and started with the Carpenters Union in NYC. She left that program because of health issues which prevented her from being able to make the classes.

Lily Thompson

16-year journey-level Carpenter, union steward

Lily lives in the hill towns region of Western Mass in Plainfield. She is a journey level carpenter and has been in the union for over sixteen years. Lily went to Franklin Tech for carpentry, choosing the field because she liked working with her hands and was nervous about the electrical shop.

Brian Arnold

3rd year apprentice Carpenter

Brian grew up in Springfield, served in the Marines and became a barber when he left the Marines. After twenty years working as a barber, Brian was ready for a change and for a more steady paycheck and benefits.

Stephanie Stephens

2nd year apprentice Carpenter

Stephanie grew up in the Springfield area, joined the army at seventeen and served for three years, including two combat deployments to the Middle East. Returning home to Western Mass, she went to community college to become a mechanic, but was unable to find steady work, resulting in a period of homelessness.

Julie Boucher

6-year journey-level Carpenter, union delegate

Julie wanted to be a carpenter since she was little playing with legos and Lincoln logs. She grew up in Easthampton and went to Smith Vocational for Carpentry. A